About LS Cadencer Tools

These two tools are meant for applying auto-spacing to fonts using an underlying grid for calculating the side-bearings. This principle and algorithm nd their origin in Frank E. Blokland’s PhD research on the (effects of) systematization, standardization, and unitization in Renaissance font production.


The LS Cadencer tools were developed as Extensions/Plugins for the font editors Robofont and GlyphsApp (V.2).


With these tools the principles of spacing, applied in the production of printing types in the sixteenth century, are transferred to our current digital technology of font design.


LS Cadencer is meant for applying auto-spacing to fonts using a grid. This grid is flexible and dependent on the so called stem-interval. The stem-interval is always measured at the key glyph, either the ‘m’ or the ‘n’ glyph. The grid can be widened or tightend by the user to influence the spacing in general. Predefined spacing tables embedded in this tool allow the user to automatically space a small glyph-set for certain genres of fonts.


LS Cadenculator, the second tool, reverse engineers what LS Cadencer does. The user can provide a folder of existing font files in .otf or .ufo formats. All side-bearings of a given set of glyphs will be measured in these fonts. The basis of these calculations is again the stem-interval of the ‘m’ or the ‘n’ glyph and the grid-steps which can be influence by the user, to either widening or tightening the underlying grid. These calculations can be used as a basis for creating a new spacing table or to extend the existing ones embedded in the auto-spacing tool LS Cadencer. The output can be directly imported and applied with LS Cadencer.


For a more detailed explanation you can watch the screencasts videos below.

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“At Retype we tried LS Cadencer and used it to space our Guyot Headline typeface. It allowed us to generate a very consistent spacing in a matter of seconds and for a wide range of weights."

Ramiro Espinoza - Retype

“I tested the tools with some of my fonts and I was very satisfied with the results.”

Nikola Djurek — Typonine

"The LS Cadencer tool offers me the possibility to quickly generate spacing options and therefore is a valuable addition to my design process.”

Artur Schmal — Artur Schmal Type

“Using LS Cadencer tools provide a refreshing alternative to my usual work flow. They enable me to work with spacing at the earliest stage of a design, and to use spacing as an integral design element. LS Cadencer's simple spacing system has added the visual rhythm of the classics to my type design toolbox.”

Miles Newlyn — Newlyn

Questions & Answers

What about Kerning?

The tools do not support kerning yet! It could be that this will be added in the future, but I don't want to put a date on it.

Why are you not offering these tools free?

It took a lot of time to develop, improve and modify the tools.

I think it is fair to charge some money for it in exchange.

Why does LS Cadencer only apply auto-spacing to upper-/ lowercase letters and a few extra glyphs on default?

Expanding the spacing sheets can be done pretty easily by manually adding glyphs or by using LS Cadenculator to measure existing fonts. The great advantage is that spacing tables usually can be reused and applied to a relatively broad range of fonts.

Can I test these tools before I purchase them?

Yes, we offer a Trial version of LS Cadencer (with a reduced functionality) on request, please contact us. LS Cadenculator is not available as a Trial version.

Additionally you can scroll down and have a look at the LS Cadencer manual and check the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).



You can download the LS Cadencer Tool manual in .pdf format here. 


In addition to this you can have a look at the most frequently asked questions.

It hopefully helps with the installation, troubleshooting and general questions.

So please have a look here, before you purchase these tools.



The full license includes two extensions/plugins: LS Cadencer + LS Cadenculator

You can choose between a version for RoboFont 1.8.4 and GlyphsApp V.2


Copyright © 2017 Lukas Schneider / Revolver Type Foundry. All rights reserved.


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