Damien is a contemporary serif typeface family especially designed for editorial typography.

Thanks to its straightfoward forms with sharply cut details and pointy triangular serifs, it comes with great authority and vigor. This strictness is most evident in the Display styles, which are intended for headlines and other larger applications. They are characterized by a higher contrast, a tighter spacing and more compact shapes in comparison to the Text version. The five upright Display weights, ranging from Light to Bold, with stylistic alternates for diamond-shaped dots and punctuation, offer a variety of options for creating eye-catching typographic gestures.

The Text weights are more closely based on the proportions of traditional text typefaces. Their robust stroke endings and stem connections make it suitable for use at small sizes. Damien Text comes in four weights with corresponding italics and supports 94 languages. The character set of the Text styles includes small caps, fractions and different sets of numerals including old style, lining and tabular figures.


Damien Text consists of eight styles and is available for desktop, app, e-book and web licensing. Trial versions for testing purposes in layout applications are available on request. Please contact: info@revolvertype.com