Le Rosart is a revival of the types cut by 18th century Belgian punchcutter and typefounder Jacques-François Rosart. The contemporary interpretation is informed by extensive research into period sources. In addition to consulting various type specimens, this included studying Rosart’s original punches and matrices which are held at the library of the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. Just like the work of his rival Fleischmann, Rosart’s designs exhibit a vertical contrast axis, long bracketed serifs, and bulbous terminals. The digital version adopts these features, together with baroque characteristics such as the ‘g’ with antenna, the bearded ‘G’, or the exposed fangs in ‘E’.

Revolver Type Foundry’s Le Rosart was conceived to meet the typographical and technical needs of today. The fonts are drawn in two optical sizes. The majestic Display styles are complemented by a humbler Text variant. Optimized for smaller sizes, Le Rosart Text is distinguished by sturdier hairlines, blunt serifs, and a more generous set width. The Display and Text families both include a range of ligatures, alternate forms, various sets of numerals including fractions, arrows and other symbols, as well as elements for composing braces. They each come in five weights with roman and italic styles, and are available for desktop, app, e-book and web licensing.