Mondial is a Didone of economical proportions and a pronounced vertical stress.

It is distinguished by abrupt transitions from thin to thick strokes, emphasizing its ultrarational character and adding a touch of art deco grandeur. Originally designed by Hans Bohn and issued in the 1930s by the Stempel type foundry in Frankfurt, this new digital interpretation by Lukas Schneider enhances the family with new weights, small caps, and many special characters. Mondial comes in two optical sizes, making it fit for a wide range of applications. The Display cuts work best in titles, headlines, magazine features, and other contexts that require cohesive word images with stylish details. 

The Text version is less compact, with moderate contrast and sturdier strokes, and can be used for longer texts in smaller sizes. All weights are accompanied by matching italics which, true to the original, are oblique in nature.


Mondial Display consists of ten styles and is available for desktop, app, e-book and web licensing.
Trial versions for testing purposes in layout applications are available on request.
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