Ritual Mono is the monospaced variant of Ritual, Revolver’s high-precision sans with a confident voice. With its typewriter-like aesthetic, it lends itself to being used in correspondence, technical documentation, and any other situation where a fixed-pitch font is called for. The addition of the Mono family expands the application range of the Ritual series, and makes it a versatile asset for complex branding and editorial projects. Ritual Mono also makes an excellent stand-alone typeface, whether for its inherent qualities and technical look, or as an ironic nod to the days when typewriters ruled offices.

To fit Ritual into a single-width corset for all glyphs, its design had to be carefully adjusted: the capital letters are kept much narrower and now have obround shapes. With the exception of dense characters – again ‘m’ and ‘w’, but also ‘æ’ and ‘œ’ – the lowercase remains assertively wide. In fact, several letters (f, i, j, l, r, t) are drawn wider than in the proportional Ritual.

They fill their allotted space with added horizontals and elongated crossbars. These do not only improve the rhythm of black and white, but the resulting glyphs can also serve as eye-catchers in wordmarks or headlines. In sum, the outcome is not unlike OCR-B, but has more punch, and more features of older grotesks, such as the bearded ‘G’ and the tailed ‘a’.


For those who find the ‘w’ with a lowered apex and the percent sign with a broken bar too daring, there are stylistic alternates. The same goes for the slashed zero, which one can substitute by dotted and plain forms. Extras include various arrows, compact fractions, and two sets of circled digits, positive and negative. These are enclosed in a superellipse to better fit the overall style. Ritual Mono offers six weights from Extralight to Bold, in upright and italic. Variable fonts for Roman and Italic are included in all full family purchases.