Newson by is the brand typeface of PSW Engineering

The Ingolstadt-based company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Audi AG and develops solutions for the automotive future. PSW uses Newson throughout their visual identity. The sans serif appears in all-lowercase letters for the wordmark. In the corporate magazine, the functional typeface family with the unobtrusive appearance is featured in all of its seven weights, plus the corresponding italics. The website is rendered exclusively in Newson, too. Here it’s used in Light, Regular, and Medium weights, and predominantly in light shades of gray against a dark blue background, for headlines, body copy, and menus.

Newson was specifically designed as a quality choice for corporate design and branding projects. It was given proportions and features that work well both for text and display sizes, in print and on screen. It’s rewarding to see it used exactly in the intended way. Kudos to Tom Klein, Hamburg, who did the branding and strategy, and, Berlin, who developed the website.